Rule 35(c) motions

The Law Office of Victor T. Owens provides assistance to people convicted of crimes who are pursuing a Motion for Postconviction Relief Pursuant to Crim. P. Rule 35(c). Under Section 18-1-410, C.R.S. and Rule 35(c) of the Colorado Rules of Criminal Procedure, every person convicted of a crime is entitled as a matter of right to submit an application for postconviction review.

A petitioner may collaterally attack a conviction for a number of different reasons.  Some convictions may be invalid because they were obtained in violation of the Colorado, or United States Constitutions, and or the result of ineffective assistance of counsel.  Victor provides help to petitioner’s who wish to collaterally attack an unconstitutional conviction or sentence, or to defendants who may wish to pursue a claim of ineffective assistance of counsel.  Victor represents those who have been convicted of a crime, and are now seeking a reduction of sentence, a withdrawal of a guilty plea, or a new trial.  Victor works diligently to obtain positive results on behalf of his clients, and has had success in postconviction cases at the district court, and on the appellate level.