The Law Office of Victor T. Owens provides help to people who are pursuing postconviction relief through a withdrawal of a plea agreement, a new trial, a direct appeal of a conviction, a Rule 35(c) motion, or an appeal of a denial of a Rule 35(c) motion. Victor fights on behalf of clients on claims of ineffective assistance of counsel, claims for reconsideration, and claims of unconstitutional sentences. He also provides misdemeanor representation to criminal defendants, as well as representation to claimants who wish to appeal the denial of their social security disability benefits.


Victor has been representing clients pursuing appeals and postconviction relief for over four years. He has represented clients spanning the Denver metro area, and provided representation in Municipal Court, County Court, District Court, the Court of Appeals, and the Colorado Supreme Court. He is relentless in his mission to obtain positive results for his clients, and remains dedicated to helping the downtrodden, disabled, and disenfranchised.


He is committed to fighting for the fundamental rights guaranteed to the people by the United States and Colorado Constitutions, and to helping those who have been denied the rights that they are duly entitled. Through his work he seeks justice and equality for society’s most vulnerable members.